Our donors

MMV receives funding and support from government agencies, private foundations, international organizations, corporations, corporate foundations, and private individuals. These funds are used to finance the MMV portfolio of research and development projects to provide new, effective and affordable medicines for the treatment and prevention of malaria. They also support specific, targeted access and product management interventions to facilitate access to MMV products by vulnerable populations in malaria-endemic countries. Learn more about MMV's fundraising policy.


The Coordination, Rationalisation and Integration of Antimalarial Drug Discovery and Development Initiatives is an action that will coordinate leading European malaria research initiatives in antimalarial drug discovery and development, integrate the European effort with international initiatives, engage industry and provide guidance on standardisation of core requirements of regulatory drug development. The goal is to contribute towards generating global priorities and prepare the European antimalarial research agenda for the next decade. MMV is one of several pre-funded beneficiaries involved in this initiative.

The MCJ Amelior Foundation

The MCJ Amelior Foundation supports organizations that are committed to help those less fortunate by promoting harmony and understanding, furthering education and workplace skills, and improving the overall quality of life. More specifically, the foundation assists those entities that encourage mentoring relationships, are creating unique entrepreneurial opportunities, and promoting national and local participation in voluntary community programmes and services. In the international arena the foundation engages in work to promote the Millennium Development Goals and halve the number of people living in extreme poverty by 2015, with a particular focus on ending deaths from malaria.